Implement Physical Activity In Your Daily Routine

With a hectic schedule, is it even possible to squeeze in physical activity and a workout? I know that it can be very difficult to take time out of your schedule, which is why today we will discuss some ways to add physical activity to your regular routine. 

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services advises that adults do one of the following for substantial health benefits. A) 150 minutes each week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity like brisk walking, B) 75 minutes each week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity like running or C) An equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. Furthermore, the department recommends two days a week of strength training that is of moderate or high intensity and involves all major muscle groups. A lot of the exercises mentioned below will be strength training type exercises, but also moderate-intensity aerobic exercises. 

It is fun and possible to ensure that you are physically fit, so let’s begin! We will outline a typical work day, of course, everyone’s day is different, this is just a basic outline that can be adjusted to fit your life. 

Getting Ready For The Day 
Give yourself the challenge to do one physical exercise before enjoying breakfast. Some quick exercises can include leg raises, wall pushups, or arm curls. Pick one activity and try to stick to it. 

The 9-5 Range 
At this point, most of us either leave for work or stay at home. Whatever you do, these following tips can still help you. 

During the 9-5 range, try walking as much as you can. Does your office have stairs? Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevators from now on. 
Try not to sit for too long. Give yourself a stretch break every hour, it doesn’t have to be any longer than 5 mins. 
What about that lunch break. Many employees have lunch breaks ranging from 30 mins to 1 hour. If your lunch break is on the longer end, take out 10-15 mins for a walk. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t take more than 30 mins to finish eating anyways. How about taking the rest of the time to take a walk down the block or even just in your office, do what fits you. 

Going Home 
If you live close to work, try forgoing the car to take public transportation. This will generally allow you to walk a bit more. 

Dinner Time 
You Are Preparing Dinner And Getting Ready To Eat. While The Food Is Cooking, You Can Challenge Yourself To Do One Physical Exercise Mentioned In The Resource Above. 

Bedtime Is For Winding Down. As Much As We Want To Squeeze In Some More Exercise, Rest Is Also A Very Important Part Of Maintaining Physical Health. I Would Recommend To Slow Down And Get Yourself Ready To Sleep By Doing Some Simple Stretches. 

Furthermore, it is important to not overdo it and injure your muscles. Making sure to warm up your body and stretch before any workout is key. It is also imperative that you utilize the correct posture when doing any exercise, so make sure to look closely at the resource mentioned above. 

I hope these tips will help you to implement some more daily physical activity to your schedule. I am by no mean claiming that these habits alone are optimal for the best physical health, but they may definitely help improve your lifestyle.

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